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Z not working with ASTRA/Singularity

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  • Z not working with ASTRA/Singularity

    Hello HCS folks.

    New user here. New to both VA and to HCS voicepacks, and not particularly technically adept.

    I've downloaded and installed the ASTRA voice pack, and I must say, She's Fabulous. Works like a charm. The chit chat is fun and is great for those long hauls in supercruise. The voice command functionality makes my game so much more immersive. I'm pretty happy with ASTRA. ....So happy, in fact, that when ASTRA suggested that I look into adding additional AI crew members, I figured I'd take her advice.
    So I went and purchased the Z voice pack (I like the metallic, 1980's cylon sounding voice).
    Now after downloading and following the "READ FIRST" instructions included, I have Questions.


    Elite Dangerous Voice Pack Readme
    1. Make sure you have the very latest Voice Attack version installed.
    2. FIRST BACK UP ANY EXISTING VERSION(S) OF THE VOICE PACK IF YOU HAVE ONE - Run our voice pack setup.exe to install the Elite Dangerous Voice Pack – Leave the install paths to default or profiles won’t work!
    3. Start Voice Attack, in the drop down menu click “create a new profile”.
    4. Name the profile then click the “Edit” button (looks like little guy with a stake through his chest) and then click “import” bottom left. Browse to “c:\Program File(x86)\Voice Attack\Sounds\hcspack\profiles\basic profile” and import the profile that best suits your set up (HOTAS Basic or Full House, Beta etc). These profiles have a “.VAP” extension.
    5. Make sure you’ve trained Windows Speech Recognition and enjoy.
    You can refer to the “said” command list for each profile – or print them for easy reference. They are located in the same folders as the VAP files you chose to use, one for each VAP file - “c:\Program File(x86)\Voice Attack\Sounds\hcspack\profiles.) "

    It seems that I have successfully added a profile for Z in Voice attack, but I can't figure out how to integrate it with ASTRA and Singularity. Although Z does not seem to be as responsive as ASTRA. some commands that work for ASTRA and Singularity don't work for Z. Also, for some reason it seems that the Z profile has a harder time understanding my voice commands ( like I need to retrain windows voice recognition all over again or something ).
    Astra can't seem to find Z anywhere. When executing the "protocol override, customize my settings" command in astra and look at the crew options, it only shows astra as active and all the other crew member options ( including Z ) are not selectable at all.
    After the great initial experience with ASTRA, Z is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment and I feel that I may have made a mistake in purchasing Z in the first place.
    I am, however still interested in running a multiple AI crew, but somewhat hesitant now to make another purchase. The ship's cat seems like a worthwhile companion as long as it shits in the litter box and not all over my ship.

    Is there a way to have them work together?
    Can and how do I get ASTRA to recognize Z as another crew member?
    I read in another thread here that a user had tried to install CECIL but was told that Cecil was not compatible with singularity. Is this the case with Z as well?
    Is there a more compatible pack that would work better?
    Was there a note about Z not working with singularity that I missed somewhere before I made the purchase? Because if I had realized that was the case, I would have chosen a different pack for my second purchase.

    Thanks for reading.
    Any help and suggestions are appreciated.
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    it's likely you have downloaded the wrong version of Z. The correct version should be downloaded from sendowl and not the hcs website. Once you have the correct version, completely remove the old one and the profiles that you have put into VA. Install Z and he will work in Singularity just the same as all other packs.
    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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      Well Damn!

      It seems that you are correct Sir/Madam.
      I've removed what appeared to be Z 1.6.5 VAP and reinstalled from sendowl.
      Z now appears in the crew roster when I "protocol override: adjust my settings" and the multi crew commands seem to work so far.
      I just need to spend some time figuring out how i want to set everything up regarding stations and different ships.
      Looking forward now to adding more packs, including the cat, now that I trust it will indeed shit in the litter box and not in my c:\Program File(x86)\Voice Attack\Sounds\.... (or all over the ship)

      Thank you so much for your help.
      I owe you a pint.
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      When considering what, when, where and how, why becomes irrelevant.