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  • How to LinkProfiles?


    I'm sorry but I cannot find the instructions on how to link profiles as that appears to be the only way to add custom commands now the singularity profile is locked.

    Could someone please point me towards the instructions?


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    Open VA

    Load the primary Profile

    Click the Pencil to edit the Profile

    Click Options

    3rd box - Include Commands from other profiles - click on the box to the right to Open of profiles by clicking on the + box

    Select profile you want included when the Primary profile loads. Any edits to the included profile will be available when you load the primary profile.

    I use EDDI and it's associated profile as an include for my Singularity profiles. All my custom edits/commands go into the edited EDDI profile.



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        The steps that the person has gone through are valid for VoiceAttack 1.8.9

        1) Load the primary (main active) profile
        2) Click the pencil/Notepad (this is the first icon to the right of the profile selection box) to go to the edit profile screen
        3) Click Options (this is to the right of the profile name)
        4) "Include Commands From Other profiles" (click the 3 dots at the end).
        5) Click the + Symbol to the right (Above the 2 arrows and Cross) to open the profile selection screen. Select the profile that you want to include. Repeat this step as necessary.

        This is all functionality in Voice Attack, and it is one that HCS *CANNOT* remove, we are not able to change the UI for Voice Attack in the slightest (this is why we have to have our own plugin UI).
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