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Ad-Astra Trade Routes disabled in settings

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  • Ad-Astra Trade Routes disabled in settings

    I recently subscribed to Ad-Astra, because of the extra functions it provides. So far everything has been great, but today when I wanted to test the trade routes option, I discovered that it is disabled in the settings menu. The "ores" setting is also inactive. To clarify, it is the button itself to enter the settings that is unclickable, removing any posibilities to alter the settings in both options (Screenshot below). The trade routes were one of the main reasons I got Ad-Astra in the first place, so any help regarding how to activate it is greatly apreciated!

    Click image for larger version

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    Trade Routes and Ores are features in progress. There is the expeditions category which for now you can use to create a route in (so you can create your own Trade run route) if you wanted to.

    ​​​​​​​((The reason why I say "Use expeditions" as a drop in replacement, is because for the Basic feature of "plot to next stop" which typically happens in a trade run, is pretty much ideal for the route storing/ plotting of the expeditions))
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