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Galaxy Map opening but not closing

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  • Galaxy Map opening but not closing

    My in-game Galaxy Map bind key (which is ".") works no fault. I press "." the Galaxy Map open, I press "." again and the Galaxy Map closes.

    But, when I say "Galaxy Map", Celeste opens it, and when I say "Exit Galaxy Map", I here Celeste replying that she closes it, but it doesn't close. I also hear the "failed attempt" Bee Bop sound.

    Must be something really obvious I'm missing. Any clue?

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    There should be a message that goes with the "failed attempt" sound in the VA log window which can help clarify what / why it failed (could be due to a missing keybind in your control scheme)

    I forget what we actually use to *close* the maps screens though off the top of my head (as there are several methods, but the most common method is normally "press the Esc key" if I remember correctly
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      That's all you had to say to get me right back on track. I totally forgot to have a look at the error message accompanying the BeeBop sound. It even say the exact key bind to correct in-game, which I did. Thanks a lot Gangrel!