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Re-sent download link not working

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  • Re-sent download link not working

    For some reason I had to re-install the voicepacks. I got sendowl to send me a link to all the voicepacks I bought. For some reason the links for Gravity and Crusoe do not work (though the rest did) and I have no download link for Legion at all. Any advice on how to reclaim these products?

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    When you say that the links for Gravity and Crusoe do not work, are you using a 3rd party Antivirus software at all? I have heard of recent reports where some people are getting the links blocked *automatically* from the clicked link in the email (I am aware of this happening for one user who was using outlook email to manage your email account).

    In terms of *not* recieving the email link being sent out, then that is normally the case of when you bought the product using a different email address.

    If you need more help related to this, I suggest joining the HCS Voice attack discord ( where we can get more information from you privately)
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