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Request Docking Opens Windows Snipping Tool

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  • Request Docking Opens Windows Snipping Tool

    I'm using the HCS - Singularity (Elite Odyssey) profile on Windows 11. When I use the Request Docking voice command the Windows Snipping Tool opens and the command in-game fails. I believe the Snipping Tool shortcut is win+shift+s. I'm not sure how to approach fixing this, I can't even find the keypress sequence in the profile editor. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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    Double check your ingame bindings for UI movement, Next / Previous Tab and UI Select. Change them ingame and then reload VA.

    By default, the UI movement keys are WASD, Next / Previous is Q / E and UI Select is Space (from memory), although depending on what your "base stock" control scheme that you chose in the HCS Customiser, then these could be different.

    But even *then*.... we only add Left / Right Ctrl, Left / Right Shift, and Left / Right Alt as modifiers to those (it is a combination of any two of those, no doubles (so no LeftAlt + Right Alt + T for example).

    The only thing that I can think of that *may* also be causign this is if your keyboard layout is a "non standard" one (Colemak / DVORAK for example). This can cause issues as we use (going from memory) ScanCodes with VA to send the correct key (so we do not press "S" directly, we go "Press key [56]"[1], and whatever is set to that key in your *custom* windows layout would be pressed.

    In either case, we do not use the windows key as a modifier in our keybind creator, and I believe that Elite *itself* caps out at 3 modifier keys + Normal key

    [1] Technical reason for this: The Elite Dangerous bind file whilst it is *human readable* is a complete pig for computer parsing. It stores the names of keys pressed as "Keyboard_T". You might go, "But keyboard_T" is not a problem"... until you then look deeper in and realise that it also stores "Keyboard_Apostrophe", and "Keyboard_%", Modifiers are stored in their own separate line, so for a UK keyboard you might think: Well, % is easy, that is Shift+5... but realise that French keyboard have the numbers and symbols *swapped* their keyboards, so you have to press Shift to get the *number* to appear. So, we have the keyboard language to work with as well.
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      Thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction. Standard keyboard. Here's what the solution was for me, in case future travellers need it:

      It was the keybinds but not the UI movement keys.

      Bind for opening the left (Exterior) panel was set for LAlt + RCtl + S which also opens the Windows 11 Snipping Tool on my build. I cannot find this keyboard shortcut anywhere in Windows documentation so... thanks, Windows?

      Resetting the ED keybind for the Exterior Panel to another letter fixed the issue.

      If it's of interest, the LAlt + RCtl + S keybind in ED was created by the HCS keybind creator tool so removing that possibility from the tool might keep this admittedly super-unlikely issue from popping up again.

      Very grateful for your direction, Gangrel.