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  • Disembark disappeared

    Hi, I was on a vacation for a few days, when I came back there was an update and seems like I lost "Disembark" from the ship and SRV. If I say role panel it comes up but I need to use buttons to move to disembark. That's the only command I've noticed lost so far, key bindings are good. Also LeftCtrl+LeftAlt+LeftShift+Enter for protocol override doesn't work while in voice attack.

    Is it voice attack or HCS problem?

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    Make sure that you have updated gravity (this requires a redownload and reinstall to get updated). Chances are it isn't up to date (I have checked the VoiceTrigger file itself, and it is still listed there).

    The keyboard shortcut to open the HCS Customiser works for me. Just make sure that the keyboard shortcuts are enabled in the VA window (No circle through the keyboard icon on the main VA window).
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      [QUOTE=Gangrel;n31100Just make sure that the keyboard shortcuts are enabled in the VA window .[/QUOTE]

      Didn't even think about that, Thanks