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  • Dsq

    Hi im getting there's a problem with DSQ please reinstall pack which pack is it referring to. Thanks

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    DSQ = Deep Space Quiz.

    The error telling you to reinstall is typically because it cannot find the registration information in the registry. This could be due to running a registry cleaner / optimizer, or by using windows restore to roll back to an earlier version.

    This can also happen if the user that you are running VA under *doesn't* have the rights to install software (ie: when you run the installer, you have to swap to the "admin" account (ie enter in password for the admin, and it is a different user).

    If this is the case with your software, then add the current windows user to the admin group to install software, and once you have installed it (and started up VA to import the new profiles), then you are fine to remove the user from the admin group
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