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Launching ship sound?!?!?

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  • Launching ship sound?!?!?

    I have VA working with Elite Dangerous, and a few HCS Voice packs.

    Voice Packs include:
    1. Eli
    2. Vega
    3. Kate

    I have an issue with the sound VA make when launching my ship, it is two ungodly loud beeps. I have tried to turn this off multiple times, but I can find no way to do this. Any info would be appreciated, either getting rid of the file or any other way.

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    That doesn't sound right in the slightest.

    Infact, that sounds like a built in VA error sound getting played (we do use this IIRC for if a sound file / missing keybind) is reported in the VA log window.

    But a recording of the VA window when this happens would at least help you work out which it is (and if you need to do something for it).
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