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Unable to roll after jump when Explorer mode is on

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  • Unable to roll after jump when Explorer mode is on

    Hello. I'm using Astra 2. (It's awesome.) I've been having a problem where I can't roll right just after jumping to a system, and I recently discovered that it doesn't happen if I turn off Explorer mode. I figure there must be some kind of conflict involving the Discovery scanner. Looking through the keybinds, I can't find anything else using 'e', which is my binding for 'roll right'.

    In looking for a solution I found that others might have had related problems in the past:

    Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you.

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    Because explorer mode involves firing the discovery scanner when you enter a new system the following happens:

    1) Enter a system.
    2) Presses the appropriate keyboard presses for Secondary fire (or whatever you have assigned for Discovery scanner in the Keyboard Control of the HCS Customiser).
    3) If primary / secondary fire is using an HCS generated keybind it will be using 3 inputs

    4) This combination of using 3 inputs *whilst* also trying to react to an additional keyboard input could be exceeding ED's limit on "number of keyboard inputs" at a single point in time (or similar restriction).

    Solution: Change primary fire keyboard input to space (or similar) and secondary fire to Shift+Space (or similar). Restart VA and the Game (VA first, game second) and it should now be working just fine with discovery mode firing correctly
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      That worked. Thank you!