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Random Commands missing?

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  • Random Commands missing?

    Hi guys, i just bought ASTRA and Mars the other day. I downloaded both packs and followed the tutorials on youtube. My Plan was to have like three settings, f. e. one only ASTRA, one only Mars and one with both of them (Mars doing thursters and Astra the rest). So i looked at the video on youtube on how to mix characters. As i followed the steps along, i couldnt find the random sound commands. So i dont know what to do now i tryed to reinstall ASTRA but that didnt work. I also compared the command list which is included with the one that i got (see attachment 1.6.6 Basic Profile Hotas ASTRA) and they are defenetly missing. If you guys know what to do i would be really thankfull.

    Greetings from snowy Austria
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    The random sound commands would look like this in the profile:

    ((RS-Landing Gear))

    they are not *spoken* commands, although the name of the command is in the "When I say" box. The double brackets is to tell Voice Attack NOT to put it into the "spoken command list" because it isn't a spoken command. It is however use by other commands to do various things (in this case, play a random sound from a pre chosen list/folder)
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