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Orion not executing Departure Handover command

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  • HouseOfCards91
    I just figured this out. by default, Orion treats "thrust up" as R. change your keybinding for thrust up to R. (which wasn't set to anything for me after watching the video) tell him to do the "departure handover" and he should know thrust up appropriately.

    can you tell me the voice commands you need for him to thrust down, left, and right? I can find those and figure out what key presses he is mapping those to as well but I need the voice commands for those and I haven't discovered them yet.

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  • Mikazuki
    started a topic Orion not executing Departure Handover command

    Orion not executing Departure Handover command

    I recently have bought the voice pack Orion, and he executed most of his commands perfectly. However, any command having to do with vertical and horizontal thrust is not executed, though he speaks as if he is executing the command. I have changed the keybindings to match the ones in the instructional video, as I also have a Saitek X55 Rhino Hotas, but Orion still does not execute the commands. I also tried setting up some custom keybindings to no avail. Is there another way I can get him to execute Departure Handover and the other commands that include the two thrust vectors?