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    I couldn't find a topic that covered this issue so thought I'd post it, Just recently bought Eli and Vega voice packs. I've spent an evening trying to get them to work and for the most part everything seems to be working, although I am too far out to test the docking commands.

    Now onto the issue; Whenever I give any of the commands to use the Discovery Scanner (Fog horn) the loads up the Detailed Surface Scanner instead (DSS), which doesn't use the Discovery scanner unlike the FSS. Now if I give the command to load the FSS then use a system scan command it will use the discovery scanner. However I have got an independent button keyed just for the Discover Scanner so I shouldn't need to access any other systems.

    In an attempt to resolve this I did at one point wipe the Voice Commands for the DSS to make sure there hadn't been any overlap but the Issue was the same, Now I wouldn't mind this if it weren't for the fact that Vega just nearly crashed me into a sun after a jump trying to preform an auto-scan which again loaded the DSS. thereby removing my ability to steer or issue throttle commands until the screen was closed.

    What I'll do in the meantime is unbind the DSS system but if someone could get back to me with a resolution so that I can use all my systems it would be a great help.

    Safe Flying o7

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    By default, the Discovery scanner (the foghorn) uses the secondary fire bind (and the current fire group). If this is NOT correct for your set up, then open the HCS Customiser -> Keyboard Control section to correct this.

    I would also check your ingame bindings in this case to make sure that there isn't a clash between the primary / secondary fire and the FSS opening.

    And also to make sure that you are using the same custom control scheme for all 4 sections in the ingame control scheme (otherwise this will confuse the bind reading)
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      Thanks for the help, I'll give that a try and see how we go.


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        thank you for the useful information