I will edit this post when I find more bugs

  1. "What is a nebula" --> wrong filename for refering wav file "nebular.wav" instead of "nebula.wav"
  2. Verity responds to "open Galaxymap"; (+variations) but does not open it; -->wrong key; key in verity bindings [-]; but key in command [#]
  3. Verity responds to "system map" (+variations) but does not open it;-->wrong key; key in vertiy bindings [ö]; but key in command [ü]
  4. "Find me a landing pad" (+variations) executes a fix script [2x right, accept, down, accept] assuming your curser is at [Navigation], but if its not, weird things happen. I think with adressing the contacts-tab directly like with the voicecommands ist would work evrytime nomatter where the active curser is.

- Would be nice if you guys confirm which number is (already) fixed/put on the todo list, if you have time of course -