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  • Printable Chit-Chat Cheat Sheet

    I spent a few hours putting this together for myself and figured there's a chance others might find it useful. It's a guide to the top-level "bucket" and all variations of the chit-chat responses (e.g., the many different ways you can say "yes") for all voice packs, in alphabetical order, except for Cecil and Ksai (the two voice packs I don't have).

    It's optimized for printing on landscape US Letter ("A4") 8.5" x 11", so you may need to adjust the print area if you prefer portrait or only want specific AIs included.

    I know the default install includes a chit-chat cheat sheet but I found it rather limited and it didn't help that the voices weren't in alphabetical order, so it was difficult to flip through to find the responses to a particular AI in a timely manner.

    If you don't have Excel or Open Office, you can probably use Google Drive and import this into a Google spreadsheet and print or reference from there.

    Edit/PS: This was created on my Mac so the font face and size may result in odd printing from a PC; strongly suggest you test and verify with 1 page before printing the whole document as it's ~30 pages two-sided (60 if you only print on one side).
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    very nice...if you use the voice trigger editor and hit i button you could use the cmd description in your notes section as well
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