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singularity's customise windows always on top

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  • singularity's customise windows always on top

    greetings to all
    i'm maybe too dumb to find it googling so i have to ask:
    i NEED to stop the Voice Trigger's Customise windows from being always on top
    i'm currently trying to modify the voice trigger to become more similar to a auto build voice attack profile i used for some times and this means a lot of switching from the old triggers file (a text file i saved for this exact purpose) and the voice trigger customise window but, being this last "always on top" and having to use a small monitor at the moment, it all becomes very annoying.
    is there a way to NOT having it like this?
    if i could switch from the text files to the voice trigger windows (the classic alt+tab switch) that would be great
    of course the "always on top" option in voice attack has already been deactivated but with no effect on the voice trigger.
    any suggestion please?

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    There is a tickbox on the main customiser window which has the "Always on top" option...
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      i didn't noticed it, thanks a lot gangrel, got a coffee cup with your name upon it