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    SO been using HCS VPs for a long time and I have quite a number of VPs. I must be missing something obvious but it is seriously arduous to delete every single profile and reload every single updated VP, I mean, really? What am I missing? Can't we have an automated installer like every other program in the world? You know, point to the directory of your choice and it overwrites or removes then writes the files? For those that have heavily customized files, give the option to back up... Reloading over 12 VPs every time there is an update is just crazy. I apologize if I have missed something but this is so frustrating.

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    You're not alone in this.

    I only have 2 packs, but I find it a bit tedious to remember everything that needs to be done to update correctly and not lose any customizations. Locating and replacing the vap files and getting that done right is tedious as well.

    There needs to be a better way.


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      we have been working with Gary at VA to achieve a 1 click updater for a long time...we are getting close but not there yet
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        I have been using ASTRA long time too, but I never had an update, just my old Astra and only 10 downloads limit?! There is no lifetime updates?! if therep1yes, then how you can get that ?! I have only from 2015 . Click image for larger version

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          email with details and they will be able to help you out on that part.
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