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  • Astra Personal Pack

    So I have purchased the Astra personal pack and for the life of me I cannot get it working. If someone could assist and give instructions (and act like you're giving instructions to a 6 year old), I have tried everything I could find but am probably just missing some simple step. Astra however responds perfectly well and works as expected.

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    Copy personal pack to Voice Attack\sounds\hcspack\role\Personal Pack\ Personal Responses <commander/misses/whatever the rest of the folder name is> \ ALL THE MP3 files are located here please!

    Go to Voice Attack\Sounds\HCSTools\Personal Pack Converter
    Copy "Convert old Style personal pack.bat" from the Personal Pack Converter folder to the folder where all of the MP3's are located.

    Right click the bat file, run as admin. Sit back and enjoy.

    Once done, just need to say "Enable personal sounds" to enable the personal pack
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      Ok, thanks for that all is working now. I was apparently missing the "Enable personal sounds" bit.