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Issue setting up Eden

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  • Issue setting up Eden

    New to voice attack and HCS voice packs. I have installed both in the correct order. Got my keybindings set up and its only complained about a few issues I will resolve. I did run the "Keybind creator" and basic hello stuff works with Eden. My issue is when I go into edit for the voice commands there are no actions listed for any of them. This seems odd. Also is there a place where I can get all the commands this is capable of? I keep seeing mention to HCS tools but the link was 404 for me.
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    We have reference manuals and cheat sheets in the Voice Attack\Sounds\HCSTools\Voice Command Lists\ <specific game> folder

    You can also open the customiser -> Click "English Manual"
    There is also the Voice Trigger editor as well
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      Thanks for that info.. It didnt answer my main issue. Why isnt there any action for the voice commands? Should these not have imported along with the verbal command section?


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        How do I fix that? reimport?


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          you cannot see the contents of the commands because they are locked
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