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Can I link multiple HCS commands together?

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  • Can I link multiple HCS commands together?

    Hi folks, I'm sorry for my ignorance, but am new to Voice Attack and. I'd ony spent a couple of hours building my own set of voice commends when I discovered your wonderful voice packs. The enhanceent to both entertainment and function are enormous and I look forward to discovering more and more through my gameplay. Seven voice packs so far!
    I have tailored a few commands using the customiser and love this feature.
    My question: "Red Alert" command is great but I wouold like to tweak it a bit by adding in a couple more steps. I know that this is not possible as it would conflict with updates. So I'm wondering if I can create a voice command that includes the "red alert" as well as some more commands.
    In particular, I want to have a voice command that runs the following:
    1. combat mode,
    2. firegroup alpha,
    3. attack protocol alpha (ie, power to weapons and shield, deploy hard points),
    4. target highest threat.

    I would make a new command in a linked profile (seems path of least resistance) except that I wouldn't know where to begin with "firegroup alpha"!
    Any thoughts?

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    you can if you wish, all you need to do is "execute by name" the spoken phrase. So if you look in the voice trigger editor and click the info box at the end of the line then any of the phrases shown in there would be what you use to execute the cmd with.
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      Update: Having given in and asked for help, I figured it out - almost immediately
      Thank you TheThingIs! - Having linked a new profile I set up a command to do exactly that. I'm very grateful that those command triggers are so easily accessible and usable. I feared that I would need to reference the "code" for the commands. The "execute by name" increases customisability while rightfully protecting your IP.
      I am very satisfied and foresee many other portmanteaux in my voiceattack hcs future!
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