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Is "Exit Protocol" configurable?

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  • Is "Exit Protocol" configurable?

    When my ship exits supercruise in a new system, Cleo says, "engaging exit protocol". I've read that this involves throttling down to zero (I happen to have a physical throttle game device, so that doesn't make sense). I don't see a way to configure the command in the Singularity guide or the settings customization. Is there a way to configure it? Thanks.

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    That is just a phrase. If you enable "safety jump" then that will automatically throttle you down to zero when you enter a new system (or explorer mode if you are scanning).

    The throttling down is done via the keyboard press
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      I thought there was another name for it. I remember configuring it when I first got VA, but, for the life of me, I can't find it in the Customizer or Options. Anyway, I'll ignore it, because I use a HOTAS and always throttle down before emerging in the new system. Thanks for your help, Gangrel.